I expect to meet a gentelman, courteous, kind and respectful. Please be aware that I do not discuss money or sexual acts at any time. No vulgar language or inappropriate comments will be tolerated. Any form of violence is prohibited, unless a game context is established beforehand.


All information is for my eyes only and remain with me and me alone – after our liaison all information is deleted with the exception of certain cases I will save your contact info but only when we both have agreed upon so for future liaisons together. Rest assured that I too will use complete discretion.


The donation for our arrangement should be placed in an envelope and left in clear view for me to see upon my arrival so that we may proceed with our quality time together. Please note that my donations are not negotiable and can only make things embarrassing for both of us should you ask.


I do require that excellent hygiene is maintained for our time together and that you are freshly showered and well groomed.


Should you wish to increase your time with me I am happy to do so if my schedule allows me.

Blocked Calls

No blocked calls will be answered.